New Seal Shield antimicrobial keyboard glows in the dark

Seal Shield, a manufacturer of medical grade washable computer keyboards and mice, has introduced what a dishwasher safe with antimicrobial and glow in the dark properties.

The Silver Seal Flex combines Seal Shield waterproof technology with its antimicrobial protection.

The keyboard uses natural, pure silver ions, which are embedded in the silicon to create a safe, antimicrobial solution suited to reducing cross-contaminations of pathogens, such as Norovirus and MRSA. The keyboard is made from soft silicon for a comfortable typing experience, and can be rolled up or folded.

The Silver Seal Flex is also the first keyboard to utilise the company's new Seal Glow backlight and Quick Connect features. The seal glow backlight can be turned on in low light or no light environments, allowing this portable keyboard to be used anywhere, any time. Quick Connect allows the keyboard to be easily washed without the user having to disconnect the cable from the computer. Quick Connect consists of a six- inch keyboard cable connected to a separate eight foot USB patch cable. Users can easily move the keyboard between multiple computers and customise cable lengths to support their applications.

"The new SILVER SEAL FLEX Keyboard represents a combination of the best infection control technologies. Never before have so many features been included in a single input device," said Scott Filion, Seal Shield vice president of business development. According to Filion, "There are many silicon keyboards on the market, but only SILVER SEAL FLEX Keyboards are dishwasher safe, antimicrobial, and backlit."