Multi-talent for biocontamination control


Minicapt airborne germ collector offers a high level of flexibility

The Minicapt combines the monitoring of pharmaceutical sterile rooms, isolators and compressed gases into an all-purpose system

With the Minicapt airborne germ collector and its flexible deployment, PMT combines the monitoring of pharmaceutical sterile rooms/isolators/compressed gases into an all-purpose system.

The heart of the system is the Biocapt sampling head. The slotted nozzles of this collector optimise the laminar airstream for impaction on commercial culture media. The unique slot design enables detection of positive false results.

Minicapt was developed under strict consideration of the ISO 14698 standards and validated by the independent CAMR Institute. Minicapt therefore stands for maximum biological and physical efficiency. It is possible to set sampling intervals of up to two hours (6m3 air). The flow rate of 50 litres/minute is regulated and monitored electronically.

The fully autoclavable Biocapt sampling head – in combination with the sanitisable Minicapt surface – guarantees the aseptic integrity of the production environment. An additional safety factor is the HEPA filtered exhaust air.

Application fields in isolators can be utilised with an autoclavable rebuilding kit – germ collection in pharmaceutical compressed gases with a second rebuilding kit. Both equipment modifications are done in next to no time.