Kimberly-Clark offers a package of hand cleaning products


Suitable for small washrooms

The Kleenex Compact foam hand cleanser is included in the bundle of cleaning products

Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Compact Hand Hygiene Bundle of cleaning products is suitable for areas where space is tight.

The bundle includes the Kleenex ‘Compact’ foam hand cleanser and the Scott Slimfold hand towel dispenser, which are compatible with the high performance Kleenex luxury foam soap and the ultra-hygienic Airflex* Fabric hand towels.

The ‘Compact’ foam hand cleanser system offers high capacity with up to 500 shots per refill and delivers the perfect amount of soap for one hand wash each time. Each new pouch is supplied fully sealed with its own integrated pump to enable quick changeover and help prevent contamination. A hidden lock mechanism eliminates dirt traps.