IKS extends lab-monitoring capabilities of XiltriX


The laboratory monitoring system is now capable of monitoring airborne particles

The XiltriX system now monitors airborne particles

IKS International, a Dutch supplier of laboratory equipment, has added airborne particles to the parameters that can be monitored by its XiltriX laboratory monitoring system.

This addition enables IKS to provide a complete monitoring solution to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Each Calypso particle data transmitter supports up to 10 particle counters for continuous, automatic particle counting in cleanrooms, IVF laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities and anywhere that airborne particulates could be a problem.

The individual laser-based counters are available to a number of specifications, but typically monitor particles down to 0.3µ in diameter.

0.5µ and 5µ particles are counted simultaneously, accumulating counts over a minute as ambient air flows through the counter at a rate of 1ft3 (28.3 litres) a minute. The accumulated particle count is transmitted digitally to the XiltriX system for logging and reporting.

XiltriX also monitors the airflow through the counter and its operational status, thus providing traceable, real-time data that will assist compliance with GMP and similar quality protocols.

The system can also monitor temperature, pressure, incubator status, door opening and many other parameters.