Haysite offers custom length fume hood panels


With corrosion resistance and flame retardancy

Haysite Reinforced Plastics, a US manufacturer of fume hood panels based in Erie, PA, has broadened its H193/H232 pultruded laboratory fume hood panels to include custom length sheets.

Key applications for the series are laboratory fume hood liners used in dedicated test and laboratory/r&d facilities.

The H193 (UL Listed) and H232 fibreglass reinforced thermoset polyester sheets are said to deliver excellent corrosion resistance to numerous acids and alkalis and both pass the US SEFA (Scientific Equipment Furniture Association) chemical drop test, which evaluates the panels’ chemical resistance using 49 different chemical reagents.

Furthermore, in independent tests the panels exhibited high levels of flame retardancy and low smoke generation properties.

The panels also provide a smooth white surface that is durable, easy to clean, and provides high light reflectivity. In addition, they withstand exposure to a range of laboratory acids, solvents and alkalis. Finally, because they will not absorb spills, the panels also resist staining and discoloration.

Haysite’s manager of technical services, Timothy Pfister, commented: “The material is ideal for any wall panel application that needs advanced chemical and flame resistant properties. Our pultrusion process provides the added-value of custom lengths, which can be made for any application to maximise sheet yield. Because of these advantages, we expect to see sales growth globally as developing countries continue to expand clinical/research lab applications.”

Haysite’s H193/H232 fume hood panels are sold in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, China, India, and Taiwan directly and through a worldwide network of authorised distributors.

The firm has more than 25 years’ experience manufacturing fume hood sheets. It has been perfecting its pultrusion processing methods for the past six years, which allow for customised panel lengths. The firm has recently implemented a new pultrusion machine that includes a 3ft wide tool.