Global Modular Systems introduces hardwall cleanroom


Provides low cost option for semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries

US cleanroom manufacturer Global Modular Systems, based in Apple Valley, California, has added a hardwall cleanroom to its product portfolio, which it says provides a low-cost option for companies within the semiconductor and medical device manufacturing industries, as well as those within a number of manufacturing fields.

The new hardwall cleanroom is a freestanding structure and therefore does not require complex suspended ceiling supports or other additions.

The product is fabricated with a 2in square tubing powder coated frame or 304 stainless steel and aluminum extrusions integrated for superior stability and simplifying the installation of interlocking panels.

The firm says its panels are ready for installation with minimal hardware. The walls are easily installed, giving users the flexibility to modify, expand or move the cleanroom as needs change.

The hardwall ceiling is prefabricated at Global Modular Systemsí factory. It is supplied with full instructions so that customers can install it themselves, or the firm will handle the entire project if they prefer.

A variety of panel materials are offered to meet requirements for chemical resistance, light wavelength intensity and overall strength and security. Totally transparent walls make it easy to monitor activities in the room. The firm says the crystal clear panels create a cleanroom that is more aesthetically appealing than regular softwall rooms.