Envirco the perfect partner for Connect 2 Cleanrooms

The MAC 10 Original Filter Fan Units are providing the high efficiency filtration of airborne particulate

When it comes to modular cleanrooms, the Envirco MAC 10 has proved to be the perfect choice for UK-based specialist Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms designs, manufactures, installs and validates freestanding modular cleanroom solutions for use in a range of industry sectors, including medical device, optical lens, electronics and aerospace component manufacturing. Envirco’s MAC 10 Original Filter Fan Units (FFUs) are providing the high efficiency filtration of airborne particulate, with Connect 2 Cleanrooms appreciating the versatility, reliability and filtration performance of the units.

With a modular cleanroom design, Connect 2 Cleanrooms can quickly and easily create a localised clean area within any part of an existing building to meet specific production requirements. Using the Envirco MAC 10, the company has been able to build and maintain these clean spaces in warehouses, laboratories, larger cleanrooms, production areas and has even completed an installation within an underground cave.

“We have been using the MAC 10 Original FFUs as part of our cleanroom solutions for many years,” says Joe Govier, managing director for Connect 2 Cleanrooms. “They sit perfectly within our modular frame and allow us to create an exceptionally clean environment.

“The variable speed controller gives clients flexibility to control them according to productivity. We have also now developed a control panel thatworks to monitor continually the level of particulate contamination in a cleanroom and varies the speed of the MAC 10 Original FFUs accord-ingly.”

The Envirco MAC 10 delivers its outstanding performance thanks to a combination of low sound, low watts and a low profile. For Connect 2 Cleanrooms the quiet running was a major benefit. Measuring only 51 dBA, the MAC 10 Original Standard (600mm x 1210mm) provides one of the lowest sound levels of any FFU. Running at 220 watts at 0.45m/s outlet velocity, the unit provides a versa-tile, compact and quiet solution for modular cleanrooms.

The MAC 10 Original has a low profile, measuring 318mm

The MAC 10 Original has a low profile, measuring 318mm. Equipped with a HEPA(H13) filter, the MAC 10 Original comes as standard with the filter integral with the unit housing, requiring the unit to be removed from the ceiling structure or grid to replace the filter. The Room-Side-Replaceable (RSR) unit has the filter sealed to the unit using a knife edge/gel seal con-struction, allowing the filter to be re-placed from the room side. The Room-Side-Replaceable-Everything (RSRE) unit has the added feature of allowing the motor and filter to be replaced from the room side.

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