Benchtop particle counter is lightweight yet robust


Monitors particulate matter, temperature and relative humidity

Met One Instruments' portable BT-637 benchtop airborne particle counter monitors particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity in the workplace and verifies the health and safety of any indoor environment or process verification application.

This lightweight yet robust portable particle counter can detect airborne particles in the mould spore size range of 1.0–10.0 microns in diameter. Normally, these particles are invisible to the naked eye.

The portability of the BT-637 allows investigators to spot check several locations throughout a facility to detect escalation of airborne particle concentration. Comparative sampling at these locations could allow for a rapid and accurate response towards a clean-up action.

The Grants Pass, OR, US-based firm says the BT-637 is ready to use out of the box. The user just presses start and begins counting particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity. The bright LCD blue display can be read from three metres away.

The BT-637 features 6 channel sampling 0.3 to 5.0 micron at 0.1cfm, a long-life pump, AC or battery operation, flexible data interface, volumetric flow control, user programmable favourite size and alarm settings.

The unit can also be equipped with an optional RH/Temp sensor and portable printer.

The firm says the user interface makes operation easy; simply select the sample location ID and start sampling. A loud audible alarm alerts the user to particulate levels beyond selected limits.

Applications include monitoring and verifying cleanrooms, medical device manufacturing and packaging, filter testing, hospital pharmacies and surgery suites, food/beverage manufacturing and packaging, aerospace assembly, auto and appliance paint booths and cleanroom laundries.