Antimicrobial copper furnishings launched in Berlin


Diehl Metall Messing presented its CuTouch range at the Hospital Hygiene Congress in Berlin

Diehl Metall Messing presented its new antimicrobial alloy CuTouch for interior components in hospitals at the Congress of the German Institute for Hospital Hygiene, held in Berlin in March.

Diehl Metall offers a broad product portfolio of rods, tubes and profiles as well as strip (rolled material) made of antimicrobial CuTouch materials.

Antimicrobial alloys can make a significant contribution to the reduction of the bacterial load. Due to their antimicrobial effect, they are described by the company as ideal for all highly frequented contact surfaces, especially in the medicine and healthcare industry, the construction industry (equipping of public buildings/interior components) and for various industrial application areas, especially for sanitary and heating technologies.

Door handles, light switches and hand rails, but also sanitary valves or various applications in patient-centred areas, can be produced from antimicrobial copper alloys and thus contribute to a better hygiene in medical centres.