Antibacterial keyboard and mouse can go in dishwasher

Seal Shield Corporation in the US has introduced the Silver Seal family of antibacterial products for infection control, including an antibacterial, washable keyboard and mouse. According to the company, the keyboard and mouse are the first such products to be fully submersible and dishwasher safe.

Washable keyboards and mice may help reduce the risk of cross contamination infections, including the "superbug," MRSA.

Recent studies have shown the computer keyboard and mouse to be a major source of cross contamination infections. According to Dr. Daniel LePera, "Bacteria that reside in the upper mouth or respiratory tract can travel to an in-office computer keyboard and survive as long as 24 hours. Viruses can live on them for one hour or more." A study reported at the American Society for Microbiology found that MRSA can survive on computer keyboards for up to six weeks.

Seal Shield has developed the Silver Seal family of antibacterial computer input devices that can be disinfected and washed in order to prevent the spread of bacterial infection.

The devices use antibacterial plastic containing pure silver ions which create a safe and effective antibacterial solution. Silver is a natural antibiotic product and its properties have been incorporated into the Silver Seal product line using nanotechnology.

"We know the dangers associated with shared input devices. Studies have shown that computer keyboards and mice are among the primary cross contamination points for the spread of viruses and bacterial infections," said Bradley Whitchurch, ceo at Seal Shield Corporation. ‘Our products have been designed for healthcare, but are aggressively priced for the mass market," added Whitchurch.