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German pharma raw materials supplier makes major facilities investment

Caesar & Loretz is modernising production and warehousing facilities as well as its HQ in Hilden, Germany

Design and Build | Europe | Pharmaceuticals

Opinion: How to get the better of biofilms

Biofilms have been around for a long time, but getting rid of them is not easy

Infection Control | Cleaning

Ultrapure water for graphene research

Graphene, a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms just one atom thick, has many unusual properties. Research into these requires ultrapure water. Greg Pilbrow, Sales Director, Veolia Water Technologies UK, describes the ultrapure water system installed in a cleanroom for graphene research

Europe | Electronics | Manufacturing and Equipment

Addressing the challenges of increasing drug potency in manufacturing

With more new potent drug ingredients being formulated as nanomaterials, Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) looks at recent technological developments that further reduce product exposures when operating high containment isolators and gloveboxes

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

IDEXX Water launches Quanti-Tray Sealer PLUS

Automates sample handling for bacterial enumeration

Europe | North America

Best practice for a compliant Institutional Biosafety Committee

Research using biological agents has increased dramatically and more companies need to set up Institutional Biosafety Committees to ensure compliance in safe handling of such agents. Elizabeth Gilman Duane, Environmental Health & Engineering, outlines the key considerations when putting together an

North America | Regulatory | Biotechnology | Pharmaceuticals

Micro Imaging Technology announces breakthrough in pathogen testing

MIT 1000 system allows for speedy detection of pathogen species from liquid cultures

North America | Infection Control | Measurement and Analysis

ISO updates with the BSI

With ISO 14644 in a state of flux, cleanroom users need to stay informed and contribute to the development of all parts of the standard. Jane Ellis attended the BSIís recent Cleanrooms Consultation seminar to hear views about the latest changes and their impact

Design and Build | Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis

Lucideon and Kingís College London develop antimicrobial coating for smartphones

Aims to cut the risk of cross infection from tablet devices and mobile phones

Europe | Infection Control

A clean take-off into space

Components used in space missions have to be extremely clean. Fraunhofer IPA has special expertise in designing systems that clean sensitive components and can supply information about the quality of the cleaning. To do this, the Stuttgart-based institute employs a range of advanced devices along wi


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