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Watson-Marlow acquires business and assets of Flow Smart for £5.7m

Extending its fluid path product portfolio and strengthening its global presence in the biotech and pharma industries

Europe | North America | Biotechnology | Finance | Production | Pharmaceuticals

GW Plastics announces major expansion of its medical device moulding business

The medical device contract manufacturer expands its thermoplastic, silicone, and training facilities in Royalton, Vermont, US

Design and Build | North America

Ebola experience leads to new garment for health workers

The need for better protection for healthcare workers fighting the Ebola virus led to a rethink in the design of protection suits. Now a new suit is to be commercialised under an agreement between John Hopkins University and DuPont

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Regulatory | Infection Control

Terra Universal introduces cleanroom control systems

Five tier levels allow systems to be configured to room design and FFU quantity

Design and Build

Steris completes US$1.9bn acquisition of Synergy Health

US Federal Trade Commission decided not to challenge the combination of the two companies

Europe | North America | Finance | Cleaning

Nanomaterials: Assessing workplace exposure and controls

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recently commissioned a project to improve understanding of the growing nanomaterials industry in the UK and employees’ potential exposure to materials at the nanoscale. This article provides an overview of the project and a brief summary of the findings


Extractables and leachables assessments for pharmaceutical packaging

In this second half of a two-part article, Andreas Nixdorf, SGS Life Science Services, discusses the practical aspects of extractables and leachables testing for containers, closures and other packaging

Measurement and Analysis

Measuring airborne germs produced by humans inside a Body Box

Particle counts arising from gowned operatives moving in a Body Box have been carried out in the past, but results for microbial counts under the same experimental conditions have been harder to achieve. Dastex presents its study involving TSI’s new counting technology

Clothing and Personal Equipment

Professor Hugh Brady opens state-of-the-art university cleanroom

Facility will help to foster collaboration with industrial partners and provide a training environment for Bristol’s postgraduate students

Design and Build | Europe

Lab autoclave validation: is your autoclave really sterilising?

Faced with the demands of a busy workload, the importance of autoclave validation is easily forgotten. Lee Oakley, Sales Director, Priorclave, provides a reminder of why it is critical

Cleaning | Measurement and Analysis