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FMI's valveless piston pumps are suitable for hydrogen peroxide metering

H2O2 is used in many pharma, medical and food applications as an effective sterilising agent

North America | Production

Source BioScience opens the world’s first -70°C walk-in chamber

The chamber is designed to be a special hygienic environment for outsourced biostorage

Europe | Production

Designing Grade A environments for drug development through to full manufacture

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are under increasing pressure to guarantee drug sterility. Simon Phillips, Head of Sterile Manufacturing, Nova Laboratories, explains how designing the right Grade A environment at a drug’s development stage can alleviate pressure further down the line


Opinion: A better car parts cleanliness standard

Setting a standard at the highest level available could be counter-productive

Europe | Regulatory

Industry group established to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce risk to patients and healthcare staff

The Electronic Hand-hygiene Compliance Organisation (EHCO) includes eight US-based solution providers

North America | Infection Control

Instilling GMP as a shared worker responsibility

Quality assurance plays a key role in pharmaceutical packaging production. Packaging manufacturer Schott explains how it has set about raising employee awareness of the importance of working to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines

Regulatory | Pharmaceuticals

Getinge reports a year of growth in 2015

In spite of a Consent Decree from the US FDA and a comprehensive restructuring programme

Europe | Finance

Single-use fluid path cuts cleaning validation

A UK-based Cancer Research development unit has reduced its cleaning validation work by employing a single-use fluid path developed for liquid filling. Watson Marlow explains


Integral moves into industrial refrigeration and HVAC markets

The firm sees the move into industrial refrigeration as a logical expansion of its business

Design and Build | Europe

Pharmaceutical manufacture: new standards and best practice

The 23rd annual Pharmig conference, held in Nottingham in November 2015, brought together expert microbiologists, regulatory inspectors and delegates to discuss recent changes to regulatory guidance, as well as hot topics in biofilm remediation, cleaning and environmental monitoring. Susan Birks rep

Design and Build | Regulatory | Cleaning | Pharmaceuticals

Ultrapure water system starts operation at Russian semiconductor manufacturer

Hager + Elsässer implements project for Angtrem-T plant in Zelenograd

Design and Build | Europe | Electronics | Production

NASA studies make-up of the space station’s microbiome

The results of a recent NASA study, obtained using new molecular analysis methods, provide strong evidence that specific human skin-associated bacteria make a substantial contribution to the space station microbiome

North America | Measurement and Analysis