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A long established British manufacturing company with a strong reputation for quality and reliability in its two core markets.


Dycem products stand for top quality, trust and reliability, delivering the most effective and economical solutions.
Today the company’s products are sold globally in more than 50 countries to many of the world's leading corporations through a network of specialist distributors and dealers.

Dycem remains a privately owned company with offices in England, USA and Europe.
Our two main divisions are Contamination Control and Non Slip Solutions.

Contamination Control

Dycem was founded in 1966 in Bristol, England, and has since become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of quality Contamination Control flooring solutions, as well as being the “go-to” people for advice and support for facility managers worldwide.

Our unique flooring is sold globally in over 50 countries to an array of global “blue chip” industry leaders. Today thousands of clean rooms, critical zones and controlled environments are being protected by Dycem’s contamination control mats and flooring.

In 2014, Dycem was recognised for its manufacturing excellence by being nominated for the South West exporter of the year awards in the UK.

All of the products in the Dycem range have been scientifically proven to retain and inhibit up to 99.9% of bacteria and contamination that could cause a threat to your critical zone. This contributes to reducing the 80% of bacteria and contaminants that would usually enter critical zones on shoes and wheels, as well as reducing the high risk of cross-contamination within your facility.

Our US office is based in Warwick, Rhode Island, and we have specialists based across the USA, Canada and South America, on hand to help you with your Contamination Control needs.

Dycem’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and product innovation has earned the company recognition across the globe as an ideal solution in many different industries.

Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, SemiConductor, Biomedical, Hospitals, Medical Device, Cosmetics Fibre Optic, Data Centres, Optical, Automotive, Packaging and Food & Drink. In addition by managing for continuous improvement we have improved the design and capabilities of our flooring to trap and retain particles down to a Nanoscale.

Our product range is adaptable and diverse, and can even be customised to suit your businesses individual needs and requirements.

Controlling contamination and cross contamination at floor level is an essential part of any risk management policy. Dycem’s unique flooring is recognised by global regulatory bodies such as the FDA, MHRA and the EMEA. Risk Management Systems such as HACCP, FMEA, GAMP, FMECA, all consider the importance of protecting critical zones by implementing an effective Contamination Control Flooring System, such as Dycem.

Anne Marie Dixon, an independent consultant at Cleanroom Management Associates, who has tested Dycem flooring, said: “Contamination from personnel and wheeled carts and tanks is a major concern in cleanrooms and controlled environments. In addition to personnel gowning and sanitisation of carts and wheels, Dycem offers products that assist in reducing risk in these transitional areas by providing additional reduction from floor contamination”.

Dycem is widely considered to be the most effective, long lasting and high performance method of minimising foot and wheel-borne contamination.

Our products have been scientifically proven to inhibit and retain up to 99.9% of contamination, including bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli and Salmonella, as well as reducing larger dust particles from entering critical zones. 

Dycem contains a silver antimicrobial additive called Biomaster. The unique ingredient is effective in attracting and trapping microbial contamination and has been proven to inhibit the growth of over 50 micro-organisms.

All of the our satisfied customers use Dycem at critical control points (CCP’s), such as at entrances and in controlled corridors (to prevent the ingress of microbial contamination), all exit ways (to reduce the risk of cross contamination) and inside the critical zones (to reduce the amount of airborne microbes). 

For further information on scientific studies of Dycem’s effectiveness contact one of our specialists by calling our offices today or visit www.dycem-cc.com/scientificstudies

Product Range

We have a diverse and adaptable product range, which our representatives can advise you upon. The most effective products would ideally be long enough to allow for three footsteps or wheel rotation to give the ultimate result. Unusual shapes such as in corridors or small entrances are made custom to your needs.

Cleanzone is one of the most popular product choices, usually at entrances and exits to critical areas, in clean rooms, air showers and changing rooms or in busy corridors. Workzone flooring is the most durable flooring we provide and is designed to decontaminate heavier wheeled traffic such as at large entrances to factories or work areas with heavy traffic. We also provide a self-install option to suit a tighter budget, in the form of our Floating Systems. These sizes are more specific, but the system can be loose-laid meaning you can move it to a different location and clean the sub floor underneath if required.
We also have a range of lighter options such as ProtectaMats, Labmats and the all new Dycem Flexi. These can be bought “off the shelf” and are a quick and simple solution to protecting a controlled environment.

Other products include informational floor graphics which are ideal for following simple protocols and exceeding audit requirements.

For further information on our product range, call a representative today or visit www.dycem-cc.com/productrange