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Autoclave manufacturer Astell Scientific services and manufactures a large range of sterilisers and steam autoclaves from 33 to 3000 litres with international distribution.


Whether you are looking for a medical, microbiology, laboratory or a pharmaceutical autoclave, Astell Scientific has been a pioneer in sterilisation technology since 1884. We excel at offering bespoke autoclaves to exact sizing and specification requirements.

We also manufacture effluent decontamination and bio containment systems for medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, microbiology and laboratory applications. All Astell autoclaves and sterilisers have been designed to maximise efficiency, provide user safety, and ensure ease of operation in the modern, quality conscious laboratory, or sterilisation facility. Astell also manufactures Nelldorn glassware dryers and tobacco ovens.

Autoclaves and sterilisers

Astell Scientific manufactures a large range of autoclaves and sterilisers for the medical and healthcare sectors. We offer a large range of vacuum units which are ideal for sterilising wrapped instruments typically used in operating theatres, as well as a range of smaller autoclaves which can be used for sterilising unwrapped surgical instruments straight off the shelf.

In the pharmaceutical sector the company manufactures a large range of autoclaves and sterilisers suitable for use in research and production.

We also offer a large range of units suitable for use in the laboratory for sterilising cultures in high quantities, as well as a range of smaller autoclaves that can be used for small and regular loads of media or discard that require periodic sterilisation.

Effluent decontamination systems

Astell manufactures a wide range of batch and continuous aqueous liquid Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) to service any BSL3 facility. EDS are particularly suited for high containment facilities or high risk laboratories.

Typically treatable effluent sources will include:

  • Tap water from sinks and wash basins
  • Water from washroom facilities within a containment area
  • Sanitary installations such as toilets
  • Water from showers and other cleaning facilities in the containment area
  • Any exhaust/water from sterilisers used within the Category 3 or 4 area