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NextGuard X-ray has new inspection capability and improved detection

Food manufacturers can now inspect for missing pieces and under/over fills plus contaminants

Imaging Analysis | North America | Measurement and Analysis

Leak detection in process vessels

In the manufacture of biologicals single-use disposable flexible vessels are commonly used as bioreactors, mixers and sterile fill stations. To guarantee the vessels are of the quality needed to ensure process integrity, they must be proven free from biological contamination and free of leaks that c

Imaging Analysis | Measurement and Analysis | Manufacturing and Equipment

New facility offers off-site contamination and anomaly screening

X-ray and metal detectors provide rapid food, beverage and pharmaceutical product evaluation

Imaging Analysis | Measurement and Analysis

Dispensing a challenge

A new wiper dispenser, which cuts paper consumption by up to 40%, has boosted the sales of Kimberly-Clark's Roll Control industrial wipers

Imaging Analysis | Europe

Diamond shines light on basic building blocks of life

Crystal laboratory allows viruses to be analysed at atomic and molecular level

Imaging Analysis | Europe | Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis