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Heated filtration glovebox allows open loop to closed loop filtration

Made of heat-resistant polycarbonate and supplied with a cleanroom-compatible brushless DC motor

Containment | North America | Manufacturing and Equipment

New approaches to containment for small scale production

Many containment solutions are now available to enclose industrial scale production of highly potent ingredients, but Sylvain Querol, PSL, looks at containment strategies for smaller scale work during early stage drug research and development

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

New glovebox controls relative humidity or oxygen levels

Process protection provided by eliminating moisture or oxygen with a flow of inert gas

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

UK tableting and containment equipment suppliers in sales tie-up

The deal covers lab-based isolators for high potency pharmaceutical ingredients

Containment | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Hosokawa Micron joins the space race

Engineers at Hosokawa Micron have taken their glovebox developments literally into another dimension as a result of the company’s recent collaboration with the European Space Agency

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

Suncombe launches CIP and WIP for isolators and gloveboxes

Standard and customisable system allows reliable, repeatable and validatable CIP and WIP of isolators and gloveboxes

Containment | Cleaning | Manufacturing and Equipment

High containment filtration and drying for API and HPAPI production

The potency of medicines and their ingredients is increasing, requiring more handling and production steps to be contained. Camille Flores-Kilfoyle, Business Development Manager, PSL, looks at integrated equipment designs that can help

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

Hosokawa offers a flexible compact isolator

With a range of canopy options including rigid, semi-rigid or disposable designs

Containment | Asia | Manufacturing and Equipment

Are cleanrooms an obsolete technology?

Cleanrooms have long provided environmental control for operations or tasks where the products need protection, but Michelle Frisch, PSL, asks are they the best choice for today’s requirements of cleanliness and limited operator interference?

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment

Bag dumping system includes glove box, compactor and conveyor

Bags are staged on a stainless steel tabletop and then transferred through a plastic strip curtain into a dumping enclosure

Containment | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

Containment for cytotoxics

The increasing potency of active pharmaceutical ingredients is driving the requirement for more advanced containment systems to ensure operator safety at both pilot scale and for large-scale commercial production

Containment | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment